dont support, imageline sucks here is why

bad customer reviews of imageline Fl Studio

Long time FLStudio owner. What I used to love about it was if I was ever building a new computer or setting up a new system on different partitions, I could just quickly download the installer (usually less than 1GB) and then just double click my reg code and not only FLStudio, but all my many plugins that I bought on top would be registered.

For the last few versions that has become impossible as they have changed the protection system. To a point that I am now seriously seriously pissed off. To install and register I have to have confirmations sent to my email address and not just once or twice but about 5 ****ing times! It's an outrage. So I don't update or install it any more.

The problem is that Image-Line are as greedy as the next software dev. They are extremely litigious and threatening towards non-legit users. That includes people who bought the software in good faith. Some say that they are not allowed to make it so the software can't be resold in EU, but they found a loophole and will prosecute it, so good luck with that.

So this new software registration method is a way of ensuring that nobody who bought this software second-hand can use it, even if bought in good-faith. Even to this day people try to sell it at KVR. The problem is, it really messes it up for us legit users. I must say the problems I encounter are because I use a VPN, but it's not possible for me to disconnect it, so that is why it is such a mess to even update. You used to just be able to click on the 'Update from online - enter your serial' and 3 seconds later it was all working. Now it takes about 20 minutes.

I'm all for software devs being paid. I'm all for them making profit and living nice lives doing a dream job that most of us don't get to do in this life, not this time around anyway, but... they still sell a massive amount of this software, plus all the plugins!

They are streamlining operations in the name of profit. See how they abandoned their plugins. I bought a load of them 3rd party to use in my other DAWs not just FLS. No updates, promises broken. They did update some synths with the vector graphics, but not all of them. Abandonware now.

Most of the stuff added is stuff most people who produce on a serious level won't use. Another synth, another money getter like Flex for extra packs. More synths that just do the same.

As mentioned earlier, Didier (GoL) was the original coder. A rare genius, both with code and also graphics. FLStudio was implementing breathtaking GUI stuff long before others. Sure, the Olive Drab interface is a bit 'meh' but it's 'meh' for a reason. That colour is the least tiring on the eyes compared to all other colours. It also provides the most contrast compared to all other colours, relatively speaking. Green is the most sensitive colour to the human eye, the way that mid-frequencies are the most sensitive to the human ear. We needed to identify predators in grass, so our brains finely attuned to that particular frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum. We also needed to identify the sounds of predators, so twiggs snapping in the distance occupy that mid frequency range, along with the human voice, and that is why we are most sensitive to them. See the Fletcher-Munson loudness curve. But I digress.

Yeah, the original Fruity Loops was coded in Delphi. And it's been a massive Kludge ever since just like Cubase has been. All these programs have needed their original core code reprogrammed. Nothing wrong with that. It's how things work. But make no mistake, that Image-Line aren't doing this to help end users or keep things easier for them, they are doing it to sell more software, which is fine, but don't pretend otherwise.

There is something seriously wrong with a software that goes from just being able to click a button to update, to having to receive 5 different emails. They are worried because they keep a database entry of my last location, when it is not the same, I have to re-confirm. I also have to re-confirm to update as well. So yeah, 5 different emails which takes about 20 minutes just to update.

Image-Line don't care. JMC is greedy. Image-Line are greedy. Don't even bother trying to complain, because no one cares.

There are plenty of good cracks of FLStudio out there. They do the job. Some come with all included plugins and are portable. I suggest you track them down and use them. By all means, buy the software, but that doesn't mean you have to use it as well.

Image-Line are like Behringer. They promise a lot, but deliver little in practical terms. But they have enough of a loyal and rabid hard core user base that it keeps naysayers at bay. Everyone likes to live the dream. Some think they are doing just that by using this software. It's a good program and I use it a lot. I really like some of the synths/samplers/fx it comes with. But it's not indispensable.

I used to really fall for the "We are just doing it for the kids" bs myself, but now I can see they are as greedy as everyone else. I own this software along with multiple plugins. But their paranoia has made updating or installing new versions totally impractical.

Too many broken promises. Too many alternatives.

FLStudio is good for getting ideas together, but it quickly falls short when you want to finish a track. I know people do. I do too. But there are other easier methods available. When Image-Line make this program so hard to install and update, it just makes me want to look elsewhere. They don't care, they have millions of customers.

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