avoid and boycott these Services ,Brands or Companies

I have curated a list of establishments that I have elected to sever ties with and shall refrain from engaging in any further transactions or patronage. However, I must note that I shall continue to make an exception for Intel and AMD. It is my suggestion that one refrains from approaching these entities as if they were the plague, but rather should be mindful of forthcoming alternatives.
I understand that you are feeling extremely frustrated and rightfully so. It is deeply concerning to hear that @imageline Belgium has taken action that you believe is tantamount to theft. It is particularly alarming that they have accused you of sharing accounts without any evidence to support their claims.
to Image-line You stole 2 Accounts wich i own, and never shared them unlike you accused me of with out any proof !
Such behavior can only be described as reprehensible, and it is my sincere hope that @Image-line Belgium owner of Fl Studio formerly knows as Fruity Loops
will recognize the gravity of their actions and take steps to rectify this injustice. Please know that you have my utmost sympathy, and I am here to support you in any way that I can during this difficult time.

begin of Blocklist (Blacklist) update 2023
you can use this for windows
or raspberry pi

boykott(ed) blacklist companies 23andme.com 72andsunny.com a16z.com aa.comhomePage.do abbeyroad.com abbvie.com activisionblizzard.com adidas.com airbnb.com alaskaair.com amazon.com amd.com americanapparel.com americanexpress.com ancestry.com armani.com asics.com astrogaming.com atlanticrecords.com att.com aws.amazon.com axe.com bandcamp.com bankofamerica.com barclays.co.uk barnesandnoble.com bayer.com benjerry.com bergdorfgoodman.com bethesda.net billboard.com bk.com blizzard.com bmw.com boostmobile.com bp.com braintreepayments.com bratz.com bumble.com bungie.net burberry.com burtsbees.com cadillac.com callofduty.com canadagoose.com capcom.com capitolrecords.com cartoonnetwork.com chick-fil-a.com chipotle.com chipsahoy.com cisco.com citigroup.com citrix.com coca-cola.com colourpop.com condenast.com converse.com corsair.com creativecommons.org criterion.com crunchyroll.com cvs.com cwtv.com degreedeodorant.com dell.com devolverdigital.com dhl.com directv.com discord.com disney.com docusign.com dogpile.com dollarshaveclub.com doordash.com doritos.com dribbble.com dropbox.com duolingo.com edition.cnn.com eonline.com music.apple.com www.23andme.com www.72andsunny.com www.a16z.com www.aa.comhomePage.do www.abbeyroad.com www.abbvie.com www.activisionblizzard.com www.adidas.com www.airbnb.com www.alaskaair.com www.amazon.com www.amd.com www.americanapparel.com www.americanexpress.com www.ancestry.com www.armani.com www.asics.com www.astrogaming.com www.atlanticrecords.com www.att.com www.aws.amazon.com www.axe.com www.bandcamp.com www.bankofamerica.com www.barclays.co.uk www.barnesandnoble.com www.bayer.com www.benjerry.com www.bergdorfgoodman.com www.bethesda.net www.billboard.com www.bk.com www.blizzard.com www.bmw.com www.boostmobile.com www.bp.com www.braintreepayments.com www.bratz.com www.bumble.com www.bungie.net www.burberry.com www.burtsbees.com www.cadillac.com www.callofduty.com www.canadagoose.com www.capcom.com www.capitolrecords.com www.cartoonnetwork.com www.chick-fil-a.com www.chipotle.com www.chipsahoy.com www.cisco.com www.citigroup.com www.citrix.com www.coca-cola.com www.colourpop.com www.condenast.com www.converse.com www.corsair.com www.creativecommons.org www.criterion.com www.crunchyroll.com www.cvs.com www.cwtv.com www.degreedeodorant.com www.dell.com www.devolverdigital.com www.dhl.com www.directv.com www.discord.com www.disney.com www.docusign.com www.dogpile.com www.dollarshaveclub.com www.doordash.com www.doritos.com www.dribbble.com www.dropbox.com www.duolingo.com www.edition.cnn.com www.eonline.com www.music.apple.com

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