Some of you know analog obsession some of you dont.
This guy Tunca is putting the big boys to shame with his analog modeled plugins and very nice prices and even has four killer plugins for free.
Even rivals AA.
After putting his free filter LCF on a drumbus and hitting the 45 HP , i was like wtf? Am i hearing right?
Adds so much punch, depth and smooth transients that its almost unreal.
Yea it colors the sound in an analog way, a lot, which is impossible with any other algo plugin, impossible..... but hey if that is what you need, go for it.
He also has a free Filtek eq clone plugin called Filteq.
Test that stuff, you wont regret it, worth at least 100$ imho.

Free classic FET compressor/limiter.

Combo guitar amplifier with 1×12 Type M cabinet

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